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Menu item: "My bookmakers" (there you will find a top current overview of all active bookmakers)

Under the menu item "My bookmakers" you will find a list of bookmakers which are currently available at This list is constantly changing, as we are expanding the system more and more with new bookmakers for you and removing sometimes bookmakers again (updates are made continuously!).

In order to keep an easy overview, registered Betlogin-Users (also in the free version) can use the menu item "My Bookmakers" to mark "Red", for bookmakers that you cannot or do not want to use at the moment. As soon as you open a Surebet at Betlogin (click on a bet!), it will also be highlighted in color and you will immediately see which alternative Bookmaker combinations are possible instead.

Conversely, registered Betlogin-Users can of course also mark their preferred Bookmakers "Green". You can also see this in the unfolded bets.

Note: Do not register with all betting agencies in advance! This can lead to problems (look at "Video | Tutorials").
Register only at Bookmakers that you need right now!

 Take a specific e-mail address for betting, which you use for nothing else (e.g.: GMX, Hotmail, etc.), so that you don't flood your existing mailbox with bookmaker advertisements! Most bookmakers send a relatively large amount of advertising.

 Use consistent usernames and passwords at all bookmakers to make betting easier later.

Username: Use something extremely fancy, so that you can use this username everywhere (e.g.: "Paul1" would be a very bad choice, because this username will be assigned almost everywhere.)

Password: min. 8 digits, min. one capital letter and one lower case letter, min. one number and min. one special character


NEVER accept any Bonus payments (e.g.: deposit bonus) from bookmakers.
Bonus funds must be rolled up to 5 times before they can be withdrawn (look at "Video | Tutorials")!


Download:  Bets.xlsx

Here you'll find an Excel spreadsheet where you can enter all your played bets to keep track of where you receive when, what withdraws.

INFO: Later you will not need this anymore, because we will provide a system, where you can save and manage your played bets automatically with one click.