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Safe Sports Bets, by Betlogin!
Imagine you can cover every outcome of a match and always win, no matter who wins!

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What is is the world's largest and most powerful search engine that finds safe sports bets (surebets) or Betlogin-Sports-Trades from all over the world! Betlogin is a pure information service provider. Become a successful Betlogin-Sports-Trader!

What is a safe sports bet (surebet) or Betlogin-Sports-Trading?

Here is a fictitious example for a better understanding of Betlogin-Sports-Trading: finds, for example for a tennis match,
the worldwide best odds for tennis player A, in the amount of 3.00, at a bookmaker and
the worldwide best odds for tennis player B, in the amount of 3.00 as well, at another bookmaker.

If you now bet
10.- on tennis player A at the first bookmaker, at odds of 3.00, and
10.- on tennis player B at the completely different bookmaker as well, at odds of 3.00,
you placed bets at a total of 20.-.

But you win 30.-! No matter how the match will end!
So, you make a profit in any case! finds exactly such possibilities,
out of millions of odds, for you!

Detail info:

A safe sports bet (surebet) or Betlogin-Sports-Trade is therefore a simultaneous bet on every possible outcome of a match, with different betting providers. The relationship between the odds must be such that you always make a profit, no matter how the match ends. This is called safe betting, surebet, sports arbitrage, arbitrage betting, arbitrage trading or also Betlogin-Sports-Trading.

What Power-Performance does offer for you?

 World record! already analyses over 30,000,000 million data every day!
 Focus on the 18 most important sports (1|2 or 1|X|2):
 American Football
 Australian Football League
 Floorball | Unihockey

 Best price/performance ratio worldwide!
 No installation of additional software required!
 Worldwide 24h access via any PC from the browser!
 Worldwide the greatest number of integrated bookmakers!
 Worldwide the greatest number of data!
 Worldwide the highest correct surebets!

 Odds | Top current | Only a few seconds old (Odds older than 6 minutes are automatically removed)!
 Simple operation: Focus on 2-way and 3-way!
 POWERBET for extremely high profits! (see Video | Explanation)
 Multiple betting combinations are possible per sports event!
 Only licensed bookmakers in the system!

The last 48 hours at Betlogin!

You can see an overview of the highest safe bets of the last 48 hours in the bar here on the right!

What is included in the full version of Betlogin?

The full version of Betlogin provides you immediate unlimited access to all available safe bets. World record! analyze over 30,000,000 million data daily (24h / 365 days a year) via his own huge high-tech server farm!

What are the percentages of safe bets at Betlogin?
How long are safe bets displayed at Betlogin?

Similar to the stock market, the amount of the displayed percentages depends on the currently available offers provided by all bookmakers worldwide. Therefore, this cannot be predicted, even by us. This is why the number of safe bets (surebets) or Betlogin-Sports-Trades fluctuates permanently up and down.

How long a safe bet is displayed at Betlogin, can thus not be predicted. Bets may be available for only a few moments up to several days.

From 0-24 o'clock, new safe bets or Betlogin-Sports-Trades are coming in on an ongoing basis! Every day you get several hundred betting opportunities!

What is the difference between the various packages offered in the Betlogin shop?

Under the menu item "Shop | Full Version", you can purchase various packages, which will be credited to your account immediately. Each package is, of course, a complete full version! The packages only differ in terms of duration (10-360
days) and price.

What can I do, if I did not receive a verification e-mail from Betlogin?

If you already registered with Betlogin, but did not receive a verification e-mail, this might be due to the following reasons:

 The verification email has mistakenly arrived in your spam folder.
 You made a typing error when entering your e-mail address during the registration.

If neither of these is the case, please contact our support team by e-mail.


What is the best way to start with Betlogin?

1. Watch all explanation videos several times and note the information contained therein!

We strongly recommend that you first study all the explanation videos (under the menu item "Video | Explanation") in detail. Preferably several times! These videos only last a few minutes, but they provide you the bundled and necessary
basic knowledge to be able to trade safe bets with Betlogin-Sports-Trading for many years profitably. Step by step!

2. Always register only with bookmakers that you currently need!

From experience, we know that some providers run several bookmakers under different domain names and licenses and therefore, have access to the same user data. Which bookmakers belong together is a well-kept secret and is not published by
the respective providers.

If you immediately register unnecessarily with a large number of bookmakers, you may be severely limited or even blocked by some bookmakers. Even player behaviour which deviates from the so-called "average bookmaker-user" can also have the same consequences. These limits are set almost always automatically via the server-side analysis software of the respective bookmaker and are always based on mathematical user analysis algorithms.

Therefore, our advice is never to deviate from the behaviour of the "average bookmaker-user", so that you can successfully trade the safe bets with Betlogin-Sports-Trading for many years.

Always ask yourself before taking any action: "Would an average bookmaker-user do the same?" Only if you can answer this question yourself with "yes", you should take the planned action. Then you are on the right way to become a successful Betlogin-Sports-Trader.

Examples for behaviour to be avoided, because it deviates from that of an “average bookmaker-user”:

 Do not register in advance with several bookmakers (explanation in the text above).

 Do not register with bookmakers without then using the respective bookmaker.

 Do not register with bookmakers and verify yourself in advance, without the bookmaker's request.

 Do not deposit unrounded sums at bookmakers (instead of 123.- better 120.- or 125.-).

 Do not use direct links that lead directly to the respective match or to the respective league. The "average bookmaker-user" opens the bookmaker’s domain and then clicks on the respective menu items up to the desired bet. If
these clicks are missing, some bookmakers may detect this automatically.

 Do not use the same IP address together with other persons who also use bookmaker websites (e.g. in company networks, public WLAN, private Internet access - which is shared by several people, etc.).

 Do not place large initial deposits at bookmakers. Especially the first deposit should be kept small at bookmakers.

 When registering at bookmakers always use only your correct real data, otherwise verification and thus outpayment is not possible later.


3. Place at least 50 safe bets with small stakes first, before increasing the bets!

Right at the beginning, you may still make mistakes. Better learn first and become familiar with the Betlogin-Sports-Trades, and only then increase stakes.

Why is it best to use Betlogin via a PC (not via mobile devices)?

Basically, Betlogin can also be used via tablets, mobile phones or PDAs (short mobile devices). However, for the professional use of Betlogin, we do not recommend this! Mobile devices should only be used here for an additional and quick overview.

Since you usually act in several browser windows or browser tabs at the same time when using Betlogin, the professional use of Betlogin via a PC (personal computer) is much more reasonable.

The reason for this is that the website of Betlogin and for each bet 2-3 different bookmaker websites are usually open at the same time. Sometimes your required payment provider’s website in addition. Of course, you should be able to
keep a complete overview of all these websites and act very quickly.

Similar to the professional trading of shares, this is not comfortably possible via different web-platforms, on tablets or mobile phones. There is simply not enough space here to keep an eye on everything at the same time.

It is best to use a PC with two or more monitors!

Which bookmakers are available at

Under the menu item "My Bookmakers", you can always see immediately how many and which bookmakers are currently available at Betlogin.

In order to keep an easy overview, registered Betlogin-Users (also in the free version) can highlight bookmakers in “red”  that you cannot or do not want to use at the moment under the menu item "My Bookmakers". As soon as you open a
safe bet at Betlogin (click on a bet!), it will also be highlighted in colour and you will immediately see which alternative bookmaker combinations are possible instead.

Conversely, registered Betlogin-Users can of course also highlight preferred bookmakers in "green". You will also see these in the unfolded bets. 

How does quality control work at

The quality management of Betlogin consists of a team of professionals (QM team), which checks all bookmakers available at Betlogin according to a variety of criteria every day.

Only when a bookmaker meets the high requirements of our first-class QM team, it will be added to Betlogin. In addition, our QM team positions bets at each individual bookmaker

If this bet was successfully deposited and paid out, our QM team would release the bookmaker for further checks. At Betlogin, quality control is very important for all their users

Why does Betlogin sometimes offer bookmakers, where I cannot register from my country?

The licenses and terms and conditions of bookmakers change occasionally. Therefore, it may happen that bookmakers for various reasons no longer offer their services in a certain country. Since Betlogin offers their services all over the
world, users from other countries can continue to use these bookmakers as usual

Why does put the full focus on 2-way & 3-way betting?

2 Way
- e.g. Tennis   (1|2)

Player 1 wins | player 2 wins

3 Way - e.g. Soccer  (1|X|2)
Team 1 wins | the match ends X in a draw | or team 2 wins

At you have the luxury of the best! So bet as simply as possible!

We make it for Betlogin-Users, with 2 and 3 way bets so easy and profitable, how it is realistically possible! That is why takes the technically most difficult route and tries to analyze always larger amounts of data from more and more providers. This is the only way to ensure that you can achieve a primarily positive betting balance

Why no handicap, live bets or special bets?

Forget handicap, live bets or other special bets, when you want to place safe sports bets (surebets) or Betlogin-Sports-Trades! In such cases, loss is virtually pre-programmed!

With handicap, live bets or other special bets there are far too many possibilities, which you would have to consider in seconds with different providers, with different terms and conditions. These make it impossible to make a profit in a sensible and risk-minimized way.

Live bets change in seconds, for example! Until you have placed your complete safe sports bets (surebets) or Betlogin-Sports-Trades with 2 or 3 different bookmakers, the odds often change several times. Therefore, the risk of a total loss is enormous!

Attention with special bets!

Providers who sell handicap, live bets or other special bets as "safe" are not serious and must be strictly rejected!

At there is no squeezing out of dubious betting data in the form of handicap, live bets or other special bets, which always only has the goal to make the customer believe that there is a large betting offer and which also always comes at the expense of user-friendliness and feasibility.


You CANNOT bet or play at! Here you will find the most valuable information about safe sports bets or Betlogin-Sports-Trades.

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